Timbi Talks on Eluna Network

We are delighted to report that Timbi Talks about Addiction has been added as a resource on Eluna Network, formerly known as The Moyer Foundation. 

Eluna is a national organization dedicated to supporting children and families impacted by grief or addiction. Their website says, "Our innovative resources and programs address the critical needs of children experiencing powerful, overwhelming and often confusing emotions associated with the death of someone close to them or substance abuse in their family. No child should have to face these struggles alone, and our unique programs bring kids together to ease their pain and provide the tools to help restore hope."

They provide services for children and their families like Camp Mariposa:

"Camp Mariposa is a national addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth who have been impacted by substance abuse in their families. Camp Mariposa is offered free of charge to all families."

We are thrilled to have Timbi chosen as a resource by Eluna for these families and children.

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